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Lighthouse Supply Planning solution balances supply and demand using multiple replenishment strategies to improve service levels and responsiveness. The solution determines the optimal order quantities at every echelon in a complex global supply chain network by considering various constraints like customer demand signals and forecasts, safety stock, current inventory levels, lot sizing decisions and lead time. The Supply Planning module works in tandem with the Demand Planning module to generate an optimal demand fulfilment plan. The solution also provides flexibility in terms of replenishment and deployment strategies which vary across industries. Push, Pull, and Push-Pull based deployment strategies are available in addition to the fair share rules for distribution of inventory Inventory Tracking and Exceptions Planning.

Late shipments, lack of inventory visibility, inability to see impact of demand variations are just a
few things that lead to below average supply planning. Lighthouse resolves these issues through

  • Buffer Penetration Reports : Color coded alerts for service violation indicating what
    percentage of safety stock is getting consumed for satisfying the demand
  • Supply Action Management: Summarized view of pre-configured action messages that
    requires immediate review
  • Deployment Rules: Balanced allocation logic to ensure stock location share projected
    service issues

Key Features:

  • Leverages end-consumer demand signals and forecasts and creates optimal inventory
    plans across multi-echelon networks.
  • Enables process integration & flawless execution to minimize costs and stock
  • Graphical display with interactive UI
  • In-built security features with multiple user profiles
  • Pre-configured Dashboards, Analytics and Alerts
  • Product Interchangeability and advanced deployment strategies

Key Benefits:

  • Complete supply chain visibility
  • Quicker response to market demand
  • Timely orders and deliveries
  • Increase responsiveness to customers
  • Quickly detect stock-outs and outdated inventory
  • Match profitability to replenishment requirements
  • Improved planner productivity