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Lighthouse Supply Chain Analytics offers Demand Forecast, Order, Inventory, Supply and Resource Management Data analytics solution across products, regions and planning horizon to provide comprehensive view of the supply chain. The system enables data drill down into individual end items / resources / demand locations to enable detailed data analytics of key planning metric.

  • Drive operational efficiency with powerful insights from Supply and Demand Planning Analytics.
  • Production Planning and Scheduling analytics provides out-of-the-box reports analyses on material, order, capacity and Inventory.
  • Visualization of plan output for every item, resource and order across planning horizon.
  • Dashboards can be represented in 3-D or 2-D charts to enable Visual Management control.
  • Forecast Accuracy, Buffer penetration, Inventory Plan, Resource Loads, Procurement Plan, Sales Order Plan, Work Order Plan & customized reports provide comprehensive view of supply chain environment

Key Features

  • Analyze and review the demand forecast and helps in deriving a consensus┬áplan
  • Check the accuracy of the demand plan by comparing lagged forecasts against actual sales data
  • Analyze and review the replenishment and fulfilment plan to do a root cause of shortage or overstocking
  • User Friendly interface with the availability of features such as Charts, Graphs, Pivot tables that are easily configurable to requirements
  • Multi criteria selection and easy of filtering to drill down to the required data
  • Role based permissions and views
  • Data Filter, Sort capabilities to focus on the real problems within large volume of data
  • Pivot,3/2 Dimension Chart Capabilities
  • Management of user settings at the Client PC to enable customized data views of plan
  • Easy Data Export capabilities as excel files.

Key Benefits

  • Saves Information Gathering Time and Enhances Communication
  • Delivers Quick, Unified view of all the information
  • Provides ability to identify and assess risk
  • Enables Continuous Improvement across organization through effective data reporting capabilities
  • Increases Productivity
  • Multiple Scenario Analysis
  • Quicker decision-making capability is enabled with the aid of plan data across planning horizon
  • Collaboration with all stakeholders through ease of data transfer