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Lighthouse Sales and Operations Planning module provides a collaborative platform to arrive at a consensus business plan by providing a consolidated view of the demand, supply and production plans at multiple dimensions. By the effective use of the Lighthouse S&OP module, clients are bound to achieve improved forecast accuracy, optimized inventory leading to improved OTIF with all processes being managed expeditiously and efficiently. The dynamic interactive capability between the Lighthouse solution modules in addition to the internal data measures have largely been significant in providing optimal inputs to the planning process.

Lack of personnel task management along with arriving at a definite Consensus plan in organizations can be a cumbersome process. All these and more and can easily resolved in Lighthouse through

  • Version Comparison: Compare between the different versions created from the same plan and arrive at Executive Consensus
  • Workflow Setup: Assignment of tasks as per priority and role with an option to indicate the status with percentage of the task.

Key Benefits:

  • Multidimensional view of Demand, Supply Manufacturing Plans
  • Break down departmental silos by providing a single data model supporting all planning perspectives, from operational to executive
  • Hierarchical and priority wise task assignment
  • Improve the accuracy of integrated business planning through a connected platform
  • What-If analysis with Scenario Planning and Versioning
  • Offer powerful real-time integration to and from third party systems, including ERP,CRM, legacy systems, Excel, and more

Key Benefits:

  • Faster with great flexibility and ease of use
  • Increased organizational alignment around a single set of operational objectives
  • Enable decision making at product family level
  • Improved responsiveness to shifts in market conditions
  • Easy integration across different modules once the plan is locked