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Lighthouse Production Planning satisfies demand considering prioritization rules, inventory constraints, supplier responsiveness, and production capacities. The solution provides visibility to all exceptions in planning and helps the planner not only respond to dynamic changes faster but also improves collaboration between multiple business functions. Lighthouse platform performs comprehensive constraint-based planning and automatically generates multi-step work orders and procurement orders. It helps manufacturing businesses proactively respond to real-time supply chain problems and make profitable trade-off decisions.

Key Features:

  • Allocate constrained material and capacity to priority customers
  • Demand prioritization rules with order promise simulation and What if Analysis
  • Available to promise and Capable to promise
  • Finite and Infinite capacity planning
  • Automatically selects alternate item when the primary item is not available
  • Calculates expected safety stock and creates an automatic trigger
  • Order raw materials from suppliers considering real-time capacity constraints
  • Considers lot size constraints and vendor share percentage while generating a purchase order
  • Material Reservation

Key Benefits:

  • Better Asset Utilization
  • Reduced resource downtime
  • Reduced cycle time by using alternates
  • Customer service enhancement
  • Reduced over time and expediting costs
  • Inventory and WIP reduction
  • Simultaneous planning of material and capacity
  • Order Promising