Manage your shop floor schedule and Work Station Capabilities

Lighthouse Advanced Planning and Scheduling suite allow manufacturers to provide the committed date to customers on when products can be delivered.

It optimizes the productions system which impacts the firm’s bottom line through collaboration among sales, production planning, purchasing, maintenance and management at multiple facilities & multiple planners.

Lighthouse Advanced Planning and Scheduling software allow users what-if analysis capability to find if a new order can be satisfied, on a given a set of orders are already planned in the system and real-time ATP as well as the ability to accurately schedule resources.


The software recognizes the actual workstation capacity limits when to schedule your Work Orders/Production orders against the capacity of your factory.


It compares the available hours for a workstation to the actual hours that are scheduled for a workstation.

Lighthouse Advanced Planning System Unique Features 

Work Station Capacity Planning

Enables the system to plan, monitor, analyze and provide detailed reports regarding the critical resource, resource schedule load and also the alternate resource usage.

What-if Scenarios

Provides the user to set custom parameters at what-if analysis capability like Infinite capacity Plan and Infinite Material Plan.

Interactive Scheduling

Allows the user to schedule lock and time lock certain work orders /production orders when resources are not available.

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