About Lighthouse

Lighthouse is incubated at Stellium, a leader in Supply Chain Management Strategy and Systems Integration.

Our goal with Lighthouse is to democratize Advanced Supply Chain Planning by making it broadly accessible and affordable to organizations of all sizes. Lighthouse is an end-to-end Supply Chain Planning platform that is designed to make supply chain planning easy, fast and realistic. Lighthouse is designed and developed by a team that has deep operational expertise in supply chain planning.

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Some of the key concerns found across planning tools were:

– High total cost of ownership
– High maintenance
– Long implementation cycle
– High complexity, that made solution flexible, but difficult to implement
– Limited analytics capabilities (require large exception handling and analytics developed in subsequent phases)

What our Client Says

Proven Platform

Proven to deliver improvement in Customer Service (5% to 20% over current), Profit Margin (2% to 5% of revenue) and Inventory Turns (10% to 40% over current)

Toolset was created for manufacturing industry addressing finite capacity planning and material requirement planning challenges (forward looking versus past). Production Scheduling was added to the functionality to address key concern of equipment and resource utilization in capital intensive industries.

Companies can create, manage, align, and collaborate to share planning data across the supply chain and execute the plan at strategic, operational, and tactical levels. Our latest release combines artificial intelligence/machine learning capabilities along with a Web-based portal for collaboration among sales, marketing, finance, supply chain, and customers. Our product is available on AWS and Azure cloud and also has pre-built industry-specific, ready-to-use solutions to accelerate solution delivery and value while reducing total cost of ownership through a cloud-based platform.


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