To run production planning and scheduling smoothly within a factory, the enterprise must effectively manage and control raw materials, work-in-progress, suppliers, and finished goods.

The decomposed information and data can make it extremely difficult to planner/managers/buyers to achieve their targets and satisfy the customer order.

To overcome the above issue, Lighthouse Analytics tool can provide out the box KPI and dashboards for every organization involved in manufacturing.

Lighthouse Analytics provides every production planner/manager a substantial data delivery and reporting which includes features like slice and dice, drill down, drill up, drill through.

Shop floor planner and managers involved in production planning and scheduling can analyze.

Demand/Sales Orders dashboards which are late, on-time and early.

The planner can easily identify Work order/Production Orders which has a material constraint, capacity constraints with respect to unpegged orders and partially pegged work orders.

The built-in dashboards also identify the shipment or procurement orders which are late, or which have pegging problems.

Lighthouse Analytics have the flexibility to create customized metrics and dashboards and can receive automated alerts to notify the planner/manager when a critical issue arises.

Planners can share reports or export reports in .pdf, image or excel format with other team members with clear, concise graphs, charts, gauges and displays to depict results. Lighthouse analytical tool helps to take decisions more quickly and critical production issues which are evident before they become a problem!

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